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Not the Robots

A procedurally generated stealth game about learning to survive, making sense of your surroundings, and eating furniture.

Not the Robots is a procedurally generated stealth game where you play as a robot who eats furniture.

You are a robot in an office building. You have to eat furniture and not get caught. A mysterious story unfolds. Not The Robots is this year’s most exciting Roguelike Stealth Furniture Eating Simulator. It’s a game with random levels, permadeath, and the goal of eating furniture. Same furniture is also your stealth cover.


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About the Developers

David and Eli worked together for four years without ever meeting in person or even hearing each other's voices - neither seems to fully understand why they didn't just call or video conference each other. During this period, they released seven Flash titles, including the Mochi Award-winning The Company of Myself. Not the Robots is both their first commercial release and their first 3D release. Currently they are participating in the HouseOGames incubator program, living in a house in Seattle, WA with four other independent game developers.