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Not the Robots

A procedurally generated stealth game about learning to survive, making sense of your surroundings, and eating furniture.

"Very different. Excitingly different."

Nathan Grayson - Rock Paper Shotgun

"Pretty damn good stealth game, actually."

TotalBiscuit - Youtube

"It's got one of those perfect formulas."

ergman - Youtube

The Team

Eli Piilonen

Design - Art - Programming


David and Eli worked together for four years without ever meeting in person or even hearing each other's voices - neither seems to fully understand why they didn't just call or video conference each other. During this period, they released seven Flash titles, including the Mochi Award-winning The Company of Myself. Not the Robots is both their first commercial release and their first 3D release.

David Carney

Music - Sound Design


With Voice Acting from...

Cassie Ewulu

Anthony Sardinha

Mick Lauer

Karen Kahler

Patrick Seymour

Rachelle Heger

Annie Quinn

Special Thanks to...